Envision Christmas in the year 2525

Open your wallets, friends of game development, Charity GameCraft is coming!

For one day only, some of the most excellent companies in the Irish game development scene will be making sparkly game development magic happen in various offices around Ireland, and streaming the event live for your entertainment (link will be available at this website during the event). From 9am to 6pm on Tuesday 11th of December, watch your favourite game developers flounder about as they try to make a game from scratch in just 9 hours! That would be a great thing in and of itself, but there’s more! In the spirit of Christmas, we’re offering you an incredible opportunity to imbue within yourself a feeling of enormous well-being. “How”, I hear you cry. Simple. Give us your money…and then we’ll give it to charity. All of it. Every last kind penny. To the ISPCA to be specific. By donating you will also get all the games made during the day and P-3 Biotic from BatCat Games

So make a puppy/kitten/horse thing happy. Tune in online next Tuesday and join in the festivities.

Some of the developers involved (alphabetically):

Where to donate