Cork Game Jam 2023

🌈 GameCraft is delighted to be a community partner of “Cork Game Jam 2023”. We will be down in Cork, so see you all there!

📢 Cork Game Dev Group is happy to present its first ever game jam! Come make games, have fun and eat pizza on Saturday, September 23rd at Ballyphehane Community Centre.

What is a game jam I hear you asking! It’s an event where a theme is announced and you try to make a game based on the theme in a silly amount of time - in this case one day. It’s a great way to try out an idea, or break out of a perfectionist mindset. Most of all it’s a great way to have fun and meet like minded people.

The game jam is held with the support of GameCraft and Galway Game Jam.


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Can I make an analogue game for the jam?

Yes! All game making is allowed and encouraged. We will have dice, paper, scissors, markers etc. available for analogue game creation.

If I’m making a digital game do I need to bring my own computer?

Yes, we are not able to provide computers, so you need to bring your own machine.

Why is the event paid?

The event is paid to ensure people only sign up if they plan to attend and to help offset some of the costs of room rental and catering. Cork Game Dev Group does not profit from running the game jam.

Will there be voting or judging at the end?

No. It can be fun to have a game jam be a competition, but it can also be stressful and make you worry more about winning than having fun and meeting people. So for this jam we’ve chosen not to have any voting or prizes.

Can children attend the game jam?

No, we don’t have the staff or expertise to host an event that includes children.

Do I have to be in a group?

No, you can do a solo project. You might want to consider joining a larger group for brainstorming though, as that can be a great way to explore the theme.

I have never made a game, can I take part?

Yes! Game jams are an excellent chance to try and make your first game.