Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.

  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

GameCraft It is back in Cork, and thanks to St. John’s College for being our host again this year.


09:00 - 09.50 - Registration
09.50 - 10.00 - Intro and theme
10.00 - START
13:00 - Lunch
19:59 - STOP
20:00 - Start judging and playing games
21:00 - Judges deliberate (privately)
21:45 - Awards
22:00 - End and head to pub down the road

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About St John’s College

The College aims to provide a wide range of Further Education opportunities working from a strong base of creative, vocational and work oriented courses, with a commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and training, responding to local, national and European needs. We hope to achieve this by working in partnership, in a stimulating and supportive learning environment, to enable all to develop their full potential for life and work.


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Paul O’Brien

Paul is the Course Coordinator for the Computer Game Design Level 5 course in St. John’s College. Paul has been playing games since 1980, which is terrifyingly long ago. Originally from a video and sound background, Paul has in the past been involved in the production of shows for NEAR FM and East Coast Radio and numerous video productions.

His main interests are narrative and its use in games and the computer game as a creative and artistic medium.

Farad Raissa

Farad Raissa teaches in St John’s College and is Course Coordinator for the Computer Game Design Level 6 course. Farad is a coder in C sharp, C++ and more. He introduced 3D Design (3ds Max, Cinema 4d and Blender) into the Game Design Course. His background is in web development and game development with Game Engine (Unity 3d).

He has developed training programs for various companies in Cork (CSO, DAA, Quinn Healthcare, College of Commerce…) and is hugely involved in the E-learning platform development across FE colleges in Cork.