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Dublin GameCraft is a game jam style event to be held in DIT, Kevin Street, Ireland on the 25th of February and it’s kicking off at 9am – good job there’s a free breakfast provided then! Oh and free lunch too, this is like the best jam ever, no?

Anyway, enough of the food (whimper), the Dublin Gamecraft is an 8 hour game jam – yes just 8 hours to make a game – and it’s open to anyone who can attend. Development teams can be pre-determined or decided on the day (although the latter will eat into development time). There’s even a little Google group for people to meet up and make teams. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can use whatever game building tools you like (Unity/GameMaker/UDK etc), and target whatever platform you’re most familiar with (Windows/iPad/Xbox).


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Adam Renardson –

I am currently head of online and new media and and somehow found myself writing video game reviews for Siliconrepublic since arriving in 2009. I would profess to being a seasoned gamer with (un)fond memories of EGA graphics and 64kb RAM being “top of the range” and blowing furiously into C64 cartridges in an attempt to prolong their gaming life. Outside of gaming I enjoy music, films and having my heart broken every season by Arsenal.

Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe is a film director, writer and script editor who has worked on more things than he’d care to remember. He is currently studying an MSc in Film wherein his speciality is story and character development. The first video game he played was a version of ‘Green Beret’ that was so old he can’t even find a copy on youtube…

Online, he lives at

Eoin Meagher

Eoin started off his gaming obsession with the mighty plastic grey box that was the Commodore 64. Years of torment from insanely difficult gaming lead him to the PC generation and he fell in love with games all over again. Having worked in GAME and computer hardware centers he went back to college to Carlow IT and got a degree in a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Games Development. Now a big fan of Unity3d he champions the indy cause, esp the IrishGameDev scene and will gladly talk for hours and hours about games, to any person who’s not abe to escape…. you have been warned!

Joseph Kehoe

The first computer games Joseph Kehoe played were on a Dragon 32 but that was in the previous millennium. He graduated from UCD with a BSc (Computer Science in 1990 and an MSc (AI) in 1993. Since then he have worked mainly in Education teaching at all levels from Certificate to MSc. He has worked in industry for a number of years but prefers the ivory tower that is education. Currently he lectures Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (amongst other things) in IT Carlow on the Computer Games Development BSc. In his spare time he is interested in scripting languages and parallel programming. Rumour has it that he is actually a cyborg and talks about himself in the third person.

Joseph Murphy and Shane Willoughby Biog

The Gaming Liberty is an award winning founded by Joseph Murphy and Shane Willoughby in 2009. Two avid and enthusiastic gamers, they quickly established The Gaming Liberty as a credible, friendly and up-to-date gaming website. Covering as many facets of news as possible, TGL also aims to bring original and unique content to our readership.