"Always winter but never Christmas.” ― C.S. Lewis

Back at home for xMas!! We're apparently not a very imaginative bunch, us organisers of GameCraft, because this year for Christmas we're giving all you fans of game craftingness...wait for it...another GameCraft! Yay. Party noises.

We're holding this one in The Digital Hub's Digital Exchange building on Crane Street (near the Guiness Storehouse on Thomas Street) on the 7th of December. There will be cake (not a lie!), and perhaps some other festive delicacy, ridiculous hats. As always coffee and tea and some snacks will be available in the morning, sandwiches at lunch and your 5 EUR entry fee will go towards pizza at the end.

This one will be an 11 hour game jam. If you recently took part in Unplugged GameCraft, you are super welcome to come and make another board game or go mad and do a video game. We loved your board games and would love to see more of that (feedback on a better way to judge this would be amazing, email dublingamecraft [at] gmail... to help with this).

This is how we roll:


We couldn't make GameCraft happen without the awesome help from our sponsors





Photon Cloud


Hosted by the amazing Digital Hub and to NDRC for the connection, thanks to Linda and everyone at The Digital Hubfor all the help :D.



Declan Doody

"I've been playing games since I was four years old and giving out about them since I was five! I am Editor for and I've been writing critically about video games for the past four years and organising one of the largest gatherings of gamers and geeks in the country, ArcadeCon, for the last three."

Editor -

Colm Larkin

Colm has been making games since his family got their first computer when he was 6 years old (a ZX Spectrum 128). Nowadays he's a software engineer for Swrve by day and a hobbyist game developer by night. Since co-founding the Dublin One Game A Month group this year he's finished a number of small games and is now working on his first commercial game 'Guild of Dungeoneering'.

Twitter : @gambrinous


Dublin GameCraft 4 Update Monday Dec. 9th

"Rocking around the Christmas tree..."

Ok, there was no Christmas tree, but there was cupcakes and mountains of yummy cake to be had. It was sugartastic and as organisers we hoped that gave enough buzz to keep GameCrafters going for 11 hours. Creativity has been pushed to another level and even travel from afar like a 3AM bus ride from Derry, you guys are crazy, Zombiesaurus!).

Dublin GameCraft 4 (by The CupCake Bloke) Cupcakes by The CupCake Bloke

Dublin GameCraft 4 Cake (by Eimear's Cakes) Cake by Eimear's Cakes

The sandwiches were by Sweet Cicely.

The theme for the day was

“Always winter but never Christmas.” ― C.S. Lewis

So it was a Christmassy-type of theme, most people kind of guessed anyway. :-)

Here are the winners

Honourable Mention - Ciaran (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

GameCraft IV

Best Multi-Player - Sergio (Prize: Rory StoryCubes)

GameCraft IV

Best Audio - John (Prize: Headphones thanks to GameStop Ireland)

GameCraft IV

Best on Theme - Snozzcat (Prize: PS4 Controller)

GameCraft IV

Best Visual ("Most Polished!") - Santa's Clothes (Prize: Quadcopter)

GameCraft IV

People's & Judge's Choice - Pewter Games (Prize: EGXRezzed Tickets for the team)

GameCraft IV

You can find the rest of the games crafted at (NOTE: Teams please update your entry with more game details, link to playable game (if any), more screenshots, and about yourselves.)

A big thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part and helped out. And yes, GameCraft is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation called GameCraft Foundation. Without all of your support, this wouldn't have happened. We are deeply grateful for a fantastic community. Don't hesitate to contact us with ideas, feedback and even about sponsorship. We love to talk. Email: [email protected]

Any photos, please share them with us to our Facebook page, tweets, and our Flickr group.

A big thanks to Digital Hub for hosting our event, and to our sponsors, Enterprise Ireland, Exit Games, Swrve, GameStop Ireland and Rory StoryCubes.

And here are the tweets (#GameCraft) I found and storyfied it all:

Dublin GameCraft 4 - Prizes Friday Dec. 6th

We thought it might be a good idea to let you know some of the prizes for tomorrow.

    • A quadcopter.
    • Tickets to EGXRezzed (no airfare or accommodation included)
    • Maybe some PS4 controllers if people comment on how much they want them
    • Epigenesis keys, Sky Nations keys, and possibly more
    • A gaming headset Thanks to GameStop




See you tomorrow!!

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The Digital Hub's Digital Exchange building, Crane Street, Dublin 8