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Just over two years ago, GameCraft sloshed it’s way free of the primordial game development ooze and smote the world, or at least parts of Dublin, with it’s mighty presence! In celebration of that gooey and historic event, we’re returning to the source (DIT) for a (slightly belated) two year anniversary GameCraft. On the 17th of May 2014, DIT will be hosting three special GameCraft events

We hope you’ll be able to join us there to celebrate in true, sleep deprived, game developer fashion.

[UPDATE] There is NO requirement for a parent to attend and stay throughout the course of the event.

Coder Dojo GameCraft If you are over 13 and under 18 then sign up for the Coder Dojo GameCraft

This is how we roll:

A shout out to our host, DIT, for venue and food.



Jonathan Frawley

Jonathan is a server-side developer for Digit Games Studios. In his spare time he enjoys making small games, taking part in games jams and meetups, playing games and gardening.


Leehann Hamilton

Leeann Hamilton is a comic book creator and reviewer over on her personal website The Cool Bean. Her articles have also been featured on Irish Comic News. She has studied animation, graphic design and, just recently, writing for transmedia, alongside making a constant barrage of digital paintings and designs. She has briefly play-tested games for BitSmith and Digit Games.

The Cool Bean | LinkedIn

Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe graduated in 1990 from Trinity College Dublin with a Honours degree in Maths, currently lectures in Game Design and UX in the Institute of Technology Carlow on their game development degree course. Married with two kids living in Carlow. Creator of Doodle Bomber 7 a succesful Windows Phone game.

He is currently working on a number of Windows Phone projects

dvlup.com/lowwwe | @Lowwwe

Emmanuelle Ruelle

She is a 3rd year student in Multimedia Programming in IADT Dun Laoghaire. She has been programming games since my first year of college, and have been a participant to a few of the GameCraft jams.

Her interest in gaming comes from my childhood. I started playing games at the age of three on a Commodore 64, and I have been playing games ever since.

This has inspired her to become a programmer, and has heavily influenced my love for retro gaming.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is a technical artist and indie game developer who has worked on multiple indie games such as Q.U.B.E, Orion: Dino Beatdown and Dogfighter. He has also participated in game development competitions such as Dare to be Digital in Scotland and is working on an independent start up in Ireland. Currently he is also lecturing in Computer Games Design at Cenit College (formerly known as Clane College) in Naas, Co.Kildare.


When I first heard from a friend about his experience with Gamecraft and his first gamejam I was intrigued. I graduated from games development but had not put those skills to use in quite some time. The thought of sitting down and programming a game for 24 hours with my rusty skills honestly made me nervous. However I was also very curious as my friend spoke at length on what a wonderful and fun experience he had. I decided to look up the website and see when the next one was on. Maybe I would be able to get enough practice in to actually be of use to a team. However when I read the site I found out about the Unplugged category! The aim was to design a non digital game and I knew instantly that this was how I wanted to spend 7 hours of my Saturday. I convinced a group of friends (some of whom were very, very big board games fans), got out all of my art supplies and off we went!

Once we arrived in DIT we all got out our equipment (with some interested looks from the lovely people who were torturing themselves in the name of fun with the 24 digital gamejam) and started planning. The amazing organisers had lots of very tasty food to keep us all fuelled and even a cake! We met our friendly competition, finished our game (with some very crudely drawn artwork as well) and recruited some playtesters. This was a difficult challenge as the digital games people were very hard at work and while wandering around the room trying to find potential victims I got to see some of the amazing work the digital crowd were getting up to. The atmosphere was very friendly and we got a few lovely people willing to give the game a go.

Before getting to playtest the other teams games it was time for some delicious pizza. There was even lots of vegetarian pizza. I was very impressed! The best part of the day was when all the games were finished and we got to playtest the other teams work. The amount of effort that had gone into the games was amazing and it was really wonderful to see how the other teams worked with the theme. Sadly I only got to playtest one of the other teams games rather then both of them. Don't Say was a really wonderful and fun party game. It have everyone in bits laughing at our terrible drawings and was a really enjoyable game to play. The whole experience was really fun and I made a number of new friends during our day of gamecrafting. I am positive I'll be attending more in the future (and may even turn my hand at the full 24 hour digital game marathon next time!) and I enjoyed every minute of the day!

Sophie's Blog: glitternotgold.wordpress.com

Two years of GameCraft celebrated from whens it started.

It was over two years ago since we ran our first GameCraft. And it all started at DIT, and we are back again, this time for a weekend game jam.

People were super polite, they even queued for pizzas, and I'm sure many are famished as it was around 6 hours in.

And to help with a boost of sugar later on, an awesome GameCraft cake:

We played Johann Sebastian Joust, I can say many had fun, and it's great to introduce social games like this, and seeing the looks on folks faces light up with glee playing it. It's so addictive. Pity we couldn't pair two more controllers that night.

Thanks to all who came along for an awesome weekend.

Here it is storified: https://storify.com/whykay/dublin-gamecraft-2014

Big thanks to our sponsors

Big kudos to DIT for their support through the last 2 years, and particularly for this one since they are hosting us for 24 hours :D



We couldn't make GameCraft happen without the awesome help from our sponsors Photon Cloud


UnPlugged - People's Choice

Space Banditos


GameCraft - Best Overall Game

Team 24 - Rabble rousin' party party (it's like hungry hungy hippos :-))

GameCraft - People's Choice

Team 20 - "Space Candy"

GameCraft - Best Execution

"Hairdryer Game"

GameCraft - Best Presentation

Here are pics and videos of some of the entries:

Board game UnPlugged entry


[UnPlugged] Don't Say!

Never laughed so much in my life! I also learnt that I don't listen to people.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 4

Team 5

Team 7

Team 9

Team 10

Team 11

Team 16

Team 17

Team 18

Team 21

Team 22

Team 23

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