Last Assignment

You know what’s a great cure for insomnia? Insomnia! With a capital I. GameCraft is heading across to England again for another game jam event, this time at the Insomnia Gaming Festival, the biggest consumer something something in the world…you know the drill. Anyway, it’s awesome and you should totally come along to the GameCraft and hang out afterwards, maybe take part in some tournaments, meet some nice people, get married. Who knows! Right, got ahead of myself there so I’ll leave it there. See ya there!

When: Saturday 30th of November Where: Telford International Center

The event will be 12 hours long all in all, registration starts at 9am and we should be finished with judging by 9pm, this means the actual jam time will be 10 hours!

For this event you will need a ticket for access to Insomnia, make sure you get it as well as a free ticket for Insomnia GameCraft, register following this link.

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