Wrath of Kitty

Whether all you want for Christmas is something that makes your indie gamer’s senses a tingling like that shiney how-did-they-fit-so-many-pixels iMac you wish would be under your tree on Christmas morning, or that big fuzzy feeling that you made cool games this year and will be making even more, come join us for our end of year GameCraft.

We are delighted to announce that Microsoft Ireland will be hosting our event as well as providing food and beverages. And Christmas has come early, we have reduced tickets back to EUR5.00. So help spread the Christmas spirit and some crazy game jamming fun.

Don’t forget we have a Fungus Category, thanks to Snozbot, and a chance to win an awesome handcrafted prize as well.

Other event(s)

Andrea will be running an F# workshop from 10AM.

In this workshop we are going to be using a component based game engine called Duality to write a clone of Breakout. We’ll go over some simple game engine usage, and then progressively build the full game.

I expect you to get really creative particularly coming to the power up. Bring a windows machine and don’t forget a mouse (you will need it).

Breakdown of the day

More news to follow, so stay tuned via or on Facebook.

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What is a GameCraft about?

It’s a game jam for people who are interested in game-making to come together under one roof to make games, meet people and generally have fun.

GameCraft provides a venue so you can concentrate on making fun games. We also provide food and beverages throughout the day courtesy of Microsoft.

But what is a game jam.

A game jam is an event for people to make games based on a theme (announced at the beginning of the jam) within a given period of time. It can be 8 hours or even up to 24 hours.

Do I need to bring anything?

You bring your own tools, laptops, sound equipment, peripherals, software, assets, etc. We do not provide any equipment.

Is it all about digital games?

No, you can make non-digital games like boardgames, card games, RPGs, other types of pervasive games. All you need to do is bring your own craft materials. We don’t provide any on the day.

Am I able for a game jam?

YES! You like games, and having fun. You don’t have to be a programmer, if you can draw, tell stories, make music, and more… come along!

Do I have to be in a team?

Nope, let us know when you check-in at registration on Saturday morning (08:30 till 08:59), and let us know what skills you have, and we can form a group in the morning before we announce the theme.