GameCraft is Back in London!

Have a passion for game development? Think you've got the skills to create a game in a single day? Then don't miss the 2nd annual London GameCraft!

London GameCraft is a game jam event where folks come together to make games! Teams (or brave individuals,) get together and are given a theme early in the morning and from there have as little as 8 hours (sometimes 12 if we’re feeling generous). Games are built from scratch on any platform you like, at the end of the day the games are demoed by a panel of judges who award prizes for the best contenders. It’s a great chance to flex your creative muscles, tackle some quick and dirty coding problems, and to get out there and meet other game-makers face to face.

You have 12 hours from then to make a game, followed by networking and play-testing (by the judges and your peers) and at the end winners are announced. We will provide all meals (including a beer & pizza reception in the evening) and refreshments throughout the day. Please bring your own laptop and power leads (you always need them).

Register here: https://skillsmatter.com/conferences/6244-london-gamecraft-2014

About Skills Matter

Skills Matter’s mission is to promote continuous learning and innovation in software. More than 35,000 people get together at Skills Matter each year, everyone with the goal of improving themselves and our community. We welcomed 42,000 face-to-face visits to our talks, workshops and gatherings in the last 12 months and our SkillsCast videos were seen by several hundreds of thousands of passionate developers too. Follow us on twitter @skillsmatter #skillsmatter

The event will be taking place on Saturday, 7th June at the Skills Matter eXchange in Clerkenwell, Central London.


After London GameCraft Friday June 27th

London GameCraft 17/05

I got to say, there were so many amazing games :D. And we had some really cool visitors too, thanks to Louise and John from Rare. It was great to chat to you and learn from you.

It took us a while but, here they are, the amazing winners of the last London GameCraft.

If you are any of these people, and you got the cert, you need to email us so we can deliver your prizes (there is instructions on the back of your cert, please include a selfie with the cert if possible)

John Geoffrey did an amazing video of the gamejam

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