Dublin GameCraft 2 Judges Wednesday, October 3 2012

Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe is a filmmaker, writer and designer who has worked on more things than he’d care to remember, including writing and designing video games and teaching games developers how to write. The first video game he played was a version of ‘Green Beret’ that is so old he can’t even find a video for it on youtube… Online, he lives at davetheallthing.com.

Adam Renardson

I am currently head of online and new media and Siliconrepublic.com and somehow found myself writing video game reviews for Siliconrepublic since arriving in 2009. I would profess to being a seasoned gamer with (un)fond memories of EGA graphics and 64kb RAM being “top of the range” and blowing furiously into C64 cartridges in an attempt to prolong their gaming life. Outside of gaming I enjoy music, films and having my heart broken every season by Arsenal.

Elaine Reynolds

Developing a SimCity addiction at an early age meant Elaine was destined either to develop games or else to become a city planner. So far the games are winning. After finishing her MSc in Abertay, Dundee and competing in Dare to be Digital, she worked as a gameplay programmer on Prince Caspian at Traveller’s Tales. She then moved to Lionhead Studios to work as a designer on Milo & Kate and more recently on Fable: The Journey. Now back in Ireland, she’s launching a serious games startup and is on the New Frontiers entrepreneur development programme. You can find her online @elaine_reynolds.

Rose Farrell

I am an event manager with a keen interest in all things nerdy. I’ve been involved with Eirtakon, Ireland’s largest anime convention for years and recently started to run GameJam events in Dublin. I’ve loved computer games ever since I first played Sonic the Hedgehog when I was 11. Having played all Fallout games, including Fallout Tactics, I feel fully prepared for a nuclear apocalypse. I absolutely love the GameJam concept and am constantly in awe of those that can design, write and build a game in such a short time. It’s the people that can do that who will produce the next generation of amazing, time-eating, award winning games!

Bryan Duggan

Bryan Duggan is a lecturer at the Dublin Institute of Technology who has been teaching course on games technology (maths, physics & programming) since  2006. Bryan mentored several teams to success at the Imagine Cup and Games Fleadh and has been a Judge at the Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals (in New York), the Nokia Digital Media Awards and the Appys. In his spare time, Bryan plays traditional music on the flute and writes apps for traditional musicians.