From the (GameCraft) judges with love Monday, November 12 2012

At 9am you start coding and you stop at 9pm sharp. Then (at least) one of you team should be on hand to problem-solve and guide the judges as we go around individually and play them. We hope to get to all your games, but will endeavour to get at least three of us to play every game.

We’ll judge your game on the criteria listed below, score it out of 50 and then reconvene to discuss and average our scores to give your game its final result.

We aim to have this done by 11pm, when we will announce the top three games and any honourable mentions before giving out prizes and whatnot.

Judges notes and game scores will not be released.


Your game will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Gameplay (mechanics, design, etc)
  • Art (graphics, audio)
  • Technology (programming, platforms, technical innovation)
  • Idea (a measure of how well you implement the theme, story, that kinda stuff)
  • How complete the game you make is (a fully functional game and polish such as menus, start screens, cut-scenes, etc )