GameCraft II, Done :D Tuesday, November 20 2012

It might have started a bit later than intended at 09:30, but we wrapped up in time with the breaking out of the beer to celebrate a fantastic day. The day was full of excitement, ideas, lots of sugary drinks and coffee (although I did notice fresh fruit sustenance).

After tools were downed, and stickers were distributed for those to vote for their People’s Choice awards (gold star stickers for judges), and everybody got a chance to play the games after 12 hours of blood, sweat and tears.

And here are the winners:-

  • 1st Place: Turbo Duck
  • 2nd: Feast fit for a Queen
  • 3rd: Where's your burd at?
  • Best Art Category: Rocket Dead Game
  • Best Gameplay: A tale of love
  • Best Technology: Agile Guy
  • Best MMO by DublinJS
  • Judges Choice: Wild life on one
  • Best Story: Professor Bluebird's Time-Travelling Adventures
  • Best Humour: Donkeypocalypse
  • People's Choice: Flama Games with Tweety
  • Ones to watch: Explo Games
We collated some photos here, please feel free to add your links to photos, videos.

Here’s some of the games I found via tweets that you can either download and play, or just play:

If you have links to your games, video of the games or even screenshots of the games , feel free to add it in the comments below and share with everyone.
So well done to everyone again, now remember to help us pick a day for GameCraft 3, it will be held in Tipperary alongside Games Fleadh -