Game Fleadh's GameCraft Judges Wednesday, March 13 2013

Dave McCabe

Dave McCabe is a filmmaker, video game narrative designer and all around writer sort who has worked on more things than he’d care to remember. He'd give you a list, but it would just depress him when you'd heard of none of it. He has been playing video games since he couldn't get past the first boss of an early 80's version of ‘Green Beret’ that is so old he can’t even find a video for it on youtube. You can find him on twitter @davetheallthing where he'll probably say something about your ma.

Vicky Twomey-Lee

Vicky Twomey-Lee (a.k.a. whykay)  is a coder, GameCraft co-organiser, general tech event organiser (Python/PyCon Ireland are her main ones), helping out with 3DCamp, organising female coding workshops, and also this year's invited juror to w00t's Copenhagen Game Festival. She was also the researcher for Science Gallery's recent flagship exhibition, GAME. She first fell in love with console games when her father brought back the Famicom in '85 from Hong Kong with all the mod-cons followed by the Super Famicom. She has never looked back since.

She is also an aspiring artist (of sorts), loves kitties & unicorns.

You can find Vicky at

Andrew O'Connor

Co-founder, business mogul and grumpy programmer of BatCat Games.