And the winners are... Wednesday, May 22 2013

So there we go. Another Saturday, another wildly successful Dublin GameCraft. Thanks again to everyone who took part. GameCraft would be nothing without you! It was generally agreed that the quality of the games took a massive leap forwards this time, and we can only hope that this is a reflection on the explosive growth we’re seeing in our little Irish games industry. Perhaps lamentably, the real world demands that only the best games receive the prizes, but dammit, each and every one of you have our respect…except maybe the actual winners. It’s probably not fair that you get two prizes;)

So without further rambling, here are the winners:

For Most Valuable Game, Blood Bankers.

For Best Solo Game, Blind.

For Best Group Game, Butterfly Catcher (int the rye)

For Best Technical Achievement, Nun Boat

For People’s Choice Award, Adventure Boat | Game

And for Best Game Overall (ever?), The Adventures of Legless Lenny and Bongo Bill (With their Leap Motion based game)

What a happy looking bunch:) Congratulations to all the winners.

Once again thanks to all our sponsors for supporting this event, and to all the people that helped on the day.

Update: Sorry to the guys from Adventure Boat, they were not in this list originally :(