Making an Impact in your js Wednesday, August 28 2013

Hello exciting reader of GameCraft's blog. As you no doubt know, GameCraft is traveling up to Derry this September 13th for our longest game jam ever! 24 hours of serious jam. What you may not know is that Nintendo is participating in this one. They're providing dev kits for Wii U and their shiny new Nintendo Web Framework for you to play with(ie make your games targeting the console, great huh?).

To make things even easier,the amazing Dominic Szablewski - the creator of Impact - has agreed to provide non-commercial licenses for his lean but awesome game engine for you to use on top of the Nintendo Web Framework. You should totally check it out ahead of time, because it really is quite cool. It honestly couldn't be better if he'd called it PunchInTheFaceJS!

Didn't sign up yet? Hurry, you can do so following this link.