All the GameCrafts!! - The plans for the year Tuesday, April 15 2014

Hi there you, it’s been a while and we missed you since December!! We have been planning 2014 and we wanted to come back with a big bang and I think this will certainly create VERY LOUD NOISES at least while the jams are happening .

Anyway, I am not going to bore you with details because what you want to know is when and where is the next GameCraft, right? well I’ll tell you that and more, these are the jams we have planned for the whole year!!! including some that we haven’t really started planning.  This list will change over time but it should help

  • Galway Gamecraft (Insight@NUIG) - Sat 10th May - 12 hour event!! First time in Galway!! Registration open
  • GameCraft 2nd Year Anniversary (DIT) - Sat 17th May - 3 events in one including a 24 hour jam  more info  and Registration.
  • London GameCraft (Skills Matter) - Sat 7th June - Returning to awesome London - Registration open 
  • Berlin or Barcelona GameCraft - Summer (not confirmed more details as we get them )
  • Belfast GameCraft - TBC probably september
  • New York GameCraft (Skills Matter) - 4th of October at NYC Game Center. 
  • UnPlugged GameCraft at Gaelcon (Ballsbridge, Dublin) - End of October (not confirmed)
  • London GameCraft (Skills Matter) - 29th November 
  • Cork GameCraft (St. John’s College) - November (TBC)
  • Dublin GameCraft party edition - 6th December (TBC)
I hope you like this news and if you have any suggestions, we are all ears. Any questions or comments you are super welcome.
As always all of this is possible because of you lovely game making people, our hosts, sponsors and of course all the people involved in organizing and running the jam.
All the best