Dublin GameCraft 5 - What a weekend! Wednesday, June 4 2014

Two years of GameCraft celebrated from whens it started.

It was over two years ago since we ran our first GameCraft. And it all started at DIT, and we are back again, this time for a weekend game jam.

People were super polite, they even queued for pizzas, and I’m sure many are famished as it was around 6 hours in.

And to help with a boost of sugar later on, an awesome GameCraft cake:

We played Johann Sebastian Joust, I can say many had fun, and it’s great to introduce social games like this, and seeing the looks on folks faces light up with glee playing it. It’s so addictive. Pity we couldn’t pair two more controllers that night.

Thanks to all who came along for an awesome weekend.

Here it is storified: https://storify.com/whykay/dublin-gamecraft-2014

Big thanks to our sponsors

Big kudos to DIT for their support through the last 2 years, and particularly for this one since they are hosting us for 24 hours :D



We couldn't make GameCraft happen without the awesome help from our sponsors Photon Cloud


UnPlugged - People's Choice

Space Banditos


GameCraft - Best Overall Game

Team 24 - Rabble rousin' party party (it's like hungry hungy hippos :-))

GameCraft - People's Choice

Team 20 - "Space Candy"

GameCraft - Best Execution

"Hairdryer Game"

GameCraft - Best Presentation

Here are pics and videos of some of the entries:

Board game UnPlugged entry


[UnPlugged] Don't Say!

Never laughed so much in my life! I also learnt that I don't listen to people.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 4

Team 5

Team 7

Team 9

Team 10

Team 11

Team 16

Team 17

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Team 21

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