Belfast GameCraft 2014 Write-up Wednesday, November 5 2014

Belfast GameCraft

GameCraft It organisers were up bright and early to make their way up to Belfast from Dublin.

Everyone settled in, we manage to acquire more chairs.

And breakfast arrived thanks to the lovely folks from French Village Bakery.

Time flew and the bakery was back with platters of yummy sambos. Lots of tea were made in the meantime.

We ordered lotsa pizzas… this is for 40 people!!

And we only let people have food once people packed up and lined the games around the room so people can play them for the People’s Choice Award.

The tension is mounting…


People’s Choice - First Place: Team 10

People’s Choice - Second Place: Team 5

Need Team 5’s game title, screenshot and optionally, who was part of the team.

People’s Choice - Third Place: Team 2 - “Neither Snow or Rain”

Screenshot from Neither Snow or Rain

You can play this game here:

Team: Gary Fleming, Paul Kelly and William Barr

Rest of the teams that took part.

We are still missing a few photos of the rest of the team from Team 4 to 8. Please send in your screenshots and link to playable game (if available) to

Team 1

Team 3

Team 9

Team 11


A big thank you to everyone who came along and participated, to Farset Labs who hosted us, to Microsoft Ireland as our major sponsor as well as Demonware and Sixminute who made it possible for us to run all these crazy jams.

And not to forget the folks who gave us their homemade choccie cake, it was really yummy…

Don’t forget we have a few more GameCrafts before the year is out.