GameCraft UnPlugged @ GaelCon write-up Wednesday, November 5 2014

GameCraft UnPlugged at GaelCon

Mick and I were planning on making a game but we ended up buying a few boardgames and trying them out given that the tradehall, TTGs and GameCraft were all in the main hall. Which was awesome as we had people milling around and checking what we were doing. Plus Artemis was being played down the way from us.

We had 2 teams and 4 games were made! They certainly came well prepared.

But GaelCon also provided backup materials if needed like clay (or malla), markers, scissors, paper, etc.

Here are the folks playing the game “Notice Me” after the jam ended.

Quinto Kick

Here’s a write-up from one of the co-creators:

Whist with a Twist

Push the King

Notice Me

Winners are…

First - Quinto Kick

Prizes: x2 GaelCon Trade passes to showcase their game

Second - Notice Me

Prizes: x2 Irish Board Game


A big thank you to everyone who came along and participated, to GaelCon who hosted us, to Microsoft Ireland as our major sponsor as well as Demonware and Sixminute.

Don’t forget we have a few more GameCrafts before the year is out.