Jolly Dublin GameCraft write-up Wednesday, December 10 2014

Fa-lala-lala-lala-laala! What a Dublin GameCraft! Vicky here, on behalf of GameCraft Foundation, I want thank all who participated, to the most awesome host, Microsoft, for all the yummy food (especially the cookies, thankies to Lauren for that), to the helpers and organisers for wrapping up with another successful GameCraft of the year.

I totally second what Andrea say there. :-)

And also to Chris Gregan for giving us the Fungus experience

And they were multiplying!

And the theme was pretty much kitteh-related (/looks at Andrea, the crazy kitteh lady)

Andrea was running F# workshop as will as Clojure for Unity3D later in the afternoon.

Microsoft ordered Burittos, sambos for lunch… and more cookies!

Some great stuff happening during the jam:

Pizza time!

After food, a bit of tidying up, game-playing starts.


Again, we would like to thank to Microsoft for being awesome sponsors and hosts!

The PEOPLE’S CHOICE votes are in

First Prize

Linx 10

  • Team 23
  • Robby Becker
  • Basil Lim
  • Tiago Roldao

Second Prize + Fungus Special Prize

Nokia Lumia 520

  • Team 15
  • John Healy
  • Eoghan Cowan

Third Prize

Nokia Lumia 520

  • Team 21
  • Philippe Vinchon
  • Rafael Taboada


We tried to get folks to upload to gamejolt with #gamecraft. There are a few games up there at the moment, see GameCraft Game Jolt page.

If you want to upload your game and share with us, please do so, thanks.

GameCraft Foundation would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And hope to see you all at the IrishGameDev Christmas Party at The Workman’s Club

More photos

And some other tweets and vine vids from the day