Galway Game Jam and GameCraft update Monday, July 4 2016

Congratulations to Darren and the Galway Game Jam team for running a successful game jam. We are delighted to have contributed to the prizes. Here’s an update from Darren:

Prize stuff

The 1st place winner got a Steam Link and Steam Controller, the second prize got Doom on PS4 and XBox One as well as Codeword the tabletop game, and third place got Loveletter, a Lootcrate figurine. We also had two children participating on their own team (their parent came along with a friend and worked on a seperate team). The children made a real impression, made a game using Scratch and had done a significant amount of work over the event. Though their game was broken at the end, we awarded them a Star Wars Timelines game and Super Mario Bros magnet set for being awesome.

You can find more details about Galway Game Jam here: